Thursday, 3 October 2013

Colouring and other things...

I like comics.
I lack confidence in my drawing capabilities.
I like to colour.
Being a colourist would be cool.

Collab time!

The idea of painting colours for comics books only really cropped up in the last year and me and fellow student Elliot have always joked about him giving me a job when we're qualified because he's too lazy to colour and I can't draw. 

So my ol' buddy ol' pal Smelliot drew me an image for my 20th birthday in mid-September, but ran out of time to colour it.
 So I'm having a go during some recreation time, and to get me in to the flow of actually being proactive when I get home from college. 

A scan of Elliot's original pens
Initial re-drawing and editing

Shadows/Shades and Further edits
Base colours

Highlights to finish up Thor.

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  1. It would appear 2 can play at this game, Doney! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!