Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Monster Portraits: More things!

I went back to playing with the idea of very dark images, with the blood  and Leon's cumber band being the only source of vivid colour. So I took inspiration from the scene of Leon's death where he is shot through the chest by his adoptive father:

I was very free with the initial sketch for this one and didn't try to really correct anything. I was quite free with the use of ink too, but tried to get distinct tonal area from it. In terms of composition, if I were to tidy up this image, I would definitely try to include a silhouette of Leon's father in, rather than just the gun. Though I'm surprised how the smoke effect came out, as it wasn't particularly controlled.

I also revisited and older piece, where I continued the idea of contrast, using primarily black and white and bringing in pen and ink too:

Some peer feedback helped me to progress with this image, a good example of reworking into things to make them better. However this image also highlights the importance of preliminary drawings, as his face is very... wonky. I'm really attracted to the right eye and brow, if I were to continue with thsi iamge, I'd try to revise the rest of the face and have that tonal style across the entire face.

Whilst starting the digital version of 'Tango' I had a little play with photoshop, producing this rough face:

Just mucking about with brush settings, opacity and colour whilst roughly imitating the strong contrasts of lighting found in horror images.

And this is ow 'Tango' turned out:

The finished version of the image utilizes a clipping mask to give a heart shaped frame to the image. I'm really pleased with how the background turned out, I'm not used to producing them in my digital images so I was relieved to see that simple shapes and hue changes worked so effectively. I've only just realised that there's a bit of sloppy over-the-line colouring going on! Woops!  Obviously an oversight in my rushign to get things finished.

And finally to finish off my project I decided to be a bit more random and paint with blueberry jam:

The ink had some weird interaction with the jam, solidifying into wafer thin slate-like pieces. Also worked in some acrylic for the eyes to get a strong contrast in hue and texture. I chose Jam because of it's colour and viscosity. It has similarities to blood, but it's also a texture that I've never painted/drawn with before. It was messy business and thoroughly impractical in terms of storing/transporting the final image, so a dodgey photo will have t do.

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