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Monster Portraits: Progress!

Woops! 4 days from the deadline and I still haven't got round' to posting on here rather than on facebook...

This is mainly due to me forgetting earlier on in the project, but also due to my laptop dying a couple of weeks ago, leaving me with the desktop computer which is VERY temper-mental when it comes to scans.

So I started out by just drawing Oliver Reed's Werewolf from memory in pencil:

 Then decided to watch the film and get acquainted with the characters and to get some visual ideas.

This lead me to producing my first proper image, where I considered the composition more:

Which I then worked over with watercolour and ink:

I'd hoped that scratching into the page would leave some wells in the page where the wash would produce a pattern, but this didn't work, so I drew into the image with pen. I wasn't satisfied with the outcome of this at all, and kind of mourned the sketch I had just ruined a bit. Actually I suppose the blood is okay, and the shading/style on that shirt looks pretty good. Anyway I decided that I should just move on... a cartoon interpretation of the werewolf, because the costume is quite silly, with the riding pants and boots.

I wanted to progress with this sketch, so penned it a while afterwards:

I made a few alterations and lost the cutesy eyes in the process, as I couldn't think of a way of achieving the dark eyelids and beady black eyes.

I then went back to this and edited and coloured it digitally:

The pencils for the image above were initially just prelim drawings, hence the boring pose.
My poking fun continued with this image:

I was just playing with the themes of Spain and love- It's set in Spain and Leon's curse is nullified by true love. Plus those trousers are perfectly suitable for Strictly Come Dancing... I'm going to colour this one digitally too I think.

Moving on, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and give oil and inscribe pastels a go. I've used these before in GCSE and A-Level work, I've had a much friendlier relationship with oil pastels- utilising their hydrophobic quality. Inscribe pastels, however, I do not like. They're crumbly, don't produce vivid colours very easily, and the dust gets bloomin' everywhere. However, they work quite nicely on top of oil pastels it would seem:

Focused more on the face and the contrast of the gloomy atmosphere and those piercing blue eyes.
I'm actually pretty pleased with the tonal work in this, which was picked up by the scanner really nicely, also the eyes just seem to 'work.' The face is a bit elongated however by my drawing of the brow line too far up the face. The fur didn't come out very well, the white pastel was having a hard time covering the black, could use acrylic in the future.

I had planned on working with collage for our summer project, but the scale was too small. So I've not made an Eric Carle inspired collage for quite a while. I initially just planned producing a rough guide for the collage, but it developed into a pencil sketch:

It was just one of those drawings that felt like it was going right from the beginning, so I got a bit precious with it and decided to trace it with tissue paper to form my guide instead.

The collage itself took a whole day to make; producing the different painted papers through mark making, then cutting and assembling the image.

I used hand prints to produce the skin textures, this would have probably come through more if I decided to make the collage on a larger scale. Particularly for the grey skin and red eyelids. The skin tone could have done with a greater contrast in colours and a bit more patience/attention on my part to make things a bit more obvious. Scraping into the paint for the fur worked well though,  as did using my lips to print the paper for the lips... it's not very obvious but I still think the pattern looks good.

Again I took a break from organisation with  freehand ink image, drawn using a sharpened piece of garden stick as well as ink wash with a fan brush.

I played with leaving white space for the moon, which didn't turn out as neatly as I had hoped as I drew the initial shape with very concentrated ink. Whilst the page was saturated I drew into it, producing the lines you see in the background, which is quite a neat effect. By this time I'm used to the general shape of the head and features of the face of the character.

Next up I wanted to produce a story-book-esque illustration, trying to use ink effectively on watercolour paper. I started off with a sketch, using a comic book adaptation of the film and YouTube clips as references:

Then used ink and watercolours to try and produce an atmospheric image of Leon prowling at his prison cell prey...

This is probably my favorite of my outcomes, though I regret not working on a larger scale as some detail is changed/lost with the pen. The guy up against the wall felt a bit iffy when I was doing him, but I think the effect of the moonlight on his head coming through the window behind him is actually recognizable.I'm most happy with the light in the background and how it hits Leon.

Whilst drawing my next image, in a state of delirium I realised that the werewolf's head shape is similar to that of Batman's cowl. So I created a parody cross-over image type thing...

Penned it:

And then coloured it digitally:

I'm not sure how I feel about this one, I'm wondering if I should have left it as a black and white digital image. The arms are... odd, just like the idea! But other than that I thin it looks pretty good. The Bat-Wolf symbol could maybe do with some refining, but I'm happy with the progression from the initial sketch.

So I've only got a few left to do, going to finish up 2, digitally colour the 'tango' picture and draw something completely new, then I'll be at 20! Huzzah! Maybe I'll do a couple of new ones as a lot of them are progression, we'll see...

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