Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The ways in which I enjoy working, so far...

Last year I was on a one year course called the UAL Foundation Diploma in Art and Design.
Pretty much, you try ALL THE ARTY THINGS from workshops in glass, ceramics, print, photography etc.

It's a fun and proactive way of figuring out what kind of artist you are, really. 

I'm a very naughty boy when it comes to using different grades of pencil, I mainly stick to HB, B and 2B. And then oddly I skip all the way to 6B. 

So I hope to pick up some pencil techniques or to motivate myself to try and use pencils properly in work.

For some reason I've drifted away from them, despite not too long ago being obsessed by the artist Mervyn Peake and his cross-hatching genius in both pencil and ink. 

The Snark

Over the Summer holiday I created some designs for baby rompers as a cheap 'home-made' gift for a friend.

These started off as sketches:

And later became digital pieces. I hadn't produced any digital work for a while, but this project really got me back into colouring things digitally.

I use a painting sim called ArtRage 2, alas our relationship can be fairly rocky. Re-tracing things in a very rough manner can look really ugly sometimes and colouring things can take hours, though I do really enjoy it. However, I'm looking forward to picking up the basics for Adobe CS software this year.

My go-to for colouring pics traditionally. I have no idea why, I'm not even that good at using them. Usually accompanied by ink or pen.

A donkey mother asked me to draw for a greetings card.

This is something that I've tried a few times now. Prominently last year, when I came up with a method of working inspired by Eric Carle to produce a Raccoon.

Cats by Eric Carle
Based on an old toy of mine.

As part of my final unit of work I also worked collage elements into acrylic wash and mono-print sketches. 

Feelings and thoughts of a depressed person.

And that pretty much sums up the better bits of work I've produced in the last year. 

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