Thursday, 31 October 2013

Transit Mapping: Research

With the first monster portrait task finished, it's time to focus on finished the transit mapping project over the next two weeks.

Stage 2 has begun and I'm thinking about producing a fantasy version of my mapped journey to college.

I have a few sources of inspiration in mind and some names to research thanks to 'Illustration Next.'

Marina Kharkover:

Unnatural colours, limited palette, bright colours

Paul Blow:

Effective use of limited colour palette and omission of line work. Contrast of colours of shapes creates the lines.


Traditional fantasy illustration, vivid colours. Could implemented mixed perspectives in the map design

Paul Paetzel:

Work gives the illusion of cut papers through the use of  two contrasting and bright colours as well as one muted colour which serves as a separator of the two.

Olimpia Zagnoli:

Again a use of a limited colour palette. Forms are simple, if not simpler than those used by Paetzel, as the block colours are not drawn into.

Caitlin Keegan:

Another restricted/simple colour palette which doesn't rely on shading to give form. Line is implemented, in some cases heavily, but in colour rather than black. This reduces the contrast between lines and colour, creating greater synergy between the two where line work is heavy. Something I should probably give a go.

Jon Klassen:

Working with physical materials and transferring them to digital media, assembling collage on photo shop.

Carson Ellis:

An archetypal example of how I want my watercolour illustrations to come out! May work with the colour and the line separately, merging them on photo shop.

Now to have a play with some of these ideas before committing to a draft...

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