Saturday, 12 October 2013

Vis Com: Character Creation

As part of one of the tasks in our first workshop in the Visual Communication module, we came up with adjectives and nouns in groups.

We used these as a description for a character that we then had to create.

Being assigned a random combination of one noun and two adjectives, I ended up with 'A quiet, perverse tree-house'

After a couple of sketches and finishing up in pen, I scanned it onto photo shop, edited the balance to produce a pure black and white image and then continued to use photo shop to begin colouring it.

I'll find the time to finish this up at some point*, I'm not sure I'm settled on the base colours as they are and need to add some highlights and shadows. 

Oh and we had to make a house for them out of cardboard too! 
A house tree for a tree-house...

I'm really quite happy with how the layered effect worked, despite it being rough as rats.
The 'bark' didn't really want to stay on but I had a good go at it... 

*Had another crack on Art Rage tonight: 
Thinking of doing one for each season and seeing how they all look as a series... when I have the spare time :P

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