Friday, 8 November 2013

Transit Mapping Progression

Got around to installing photoshop onto my home computer!

Meaning I could finish off the first of my final transit mapping images today. 

I had initially planned on producing a fantasy version of a map of the route I take to college, but I couldn't see myself producing something visually interesting if I stuck to the format of a literal map. 

This lead me to producing this image of a landmark I go past every day:

My ideas for the project so far had been to pick out visually interesting things from different areas of the route that I take, with that in mind I just started to have a play with  the Celtic cross sculpture that was recently erected in Saltash. I kind of just went with this idea about how would these places look if they were in a fantasy setting. 

I then figured I'd probably be more comfortable producing 3 postcards rather than a map so decided to progresss with this image digitally.

I wanted to roughly emulate Paul Blow's use of a limited colour palette and not relying so much on line to create shape, but putting line into the shape to create detail.
I dunno what to make of it really. It doesn't feel polished, or of a quality that I'd expect to see as a final piece of work. I feel like I've started way too late on this project and should have been experimenting with ideas ages ago.
I'm still fairly new to photoshop, so I dunno, was it a mistake to use it? 
I suppose I just don't feel as enthused with this project as I did the monster portraits, so now that I've put so much time into making this image and it doesn't feel like a good result, I'm finding that I'm really frustrated. 

I forgot to scan in prelims for the other two images when in college, and my scanner at home has decided it doesn't want to work with this computer anymore since a windows update, so it's just one of those days. 

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