Monday, 16 December 2013

Interdisciplinary Practises/Experimentation: Narrative with Rob

Rob tasked us to take our more refined images and produce a narrative between the two. With one image serving as the begging and the other as the end, with 3 images in-between, or for those with more than 2 images a beginning, middle and end.
I approached this by listing common themes between the two: Flight, exploration,countryside, solitude, nature. I felt that there was a theme of adventure found in them both and that I would run with that. I came up with a couple of written ideas and then started producing thumbnails.

Rob came over for a discussion and we both agreed that there was an old-fashioned sense of adventure which brought cohesion to the two images, which carried on through my narrative ideas; coming across a map by chance, the map actually leading to something. I also decided that there needed to be a progression of colour in order to give the two individual images more cohesion.

I toyed a little with how to present my images, on  a single sheet/ as a comic strip, planning to produce rectangles and squares of similar dimensions to the existing images.

1. Swarm




5. Putrid

Peer review: Rob noted that the way I switched back and forth between an infront/behind view of the person, seeing previous image elements form a different perspective really gave the narrative a sense of progression.  Rob also discussed how the progression in colour also gave a sense of progression in time, the warmer greens hinting towards the afternoon and the cool blues suggesting the evening.

Phil also gave some gracious comments saying:

'you got great light going on here... all the way through actually, but the twighlight hour is apparent in the last and here its a little later in the evening and therefore darker... all these little visual and atmospheric clues you give in the colours is amazin....' 


'it also ... and it sounds really like an arty and wanky thing to say but im gonna say it anyway... " I get a real sense of the artist having fun and enjoying himself when i look at this... I feel the energy and can see the smile on his face in my minds eye.... which in turn , makes me smile." ... over the top? ... dunt stop it bein true innit.' 

A very happy coincidence that I will bear in mind in future work. If I were to progress with this narrative, I would try to refer to the previous elements, maybe turning the birds in the final frame into bats. Rob also proposed that as the narrative seemed suitable for a children's book or something similar, a real version of the map the boy finds would be a great addition to increase interaction with the narrative.

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