Thursday, 2 January 2014

Monsters! Artist research - style and process inspiration

Jérémie Fischer
Paris based artist with a wide body of work and visual styles, though he seems fond of geometric shapes and bold colours. Inspired by his love of hand-made books and screen printing, according to nobrow.

Looking through his website and blog I  came across this image:

 Which made me think; These creatures would cast some wacky looking shadows! Also a more abstract style to the image might work quite well, adding in simple eyes or teeth?

I might try out some stylistic texture ideas from Jérémie too.

These menacing tear-drop eyes are really cool, a brilliant contrast of plain white against all the pencil marks too.

Maybe sticking to a limited colour palette again will be beneficial... I think I should definitely try working with coloured pencils with a bit more effort than my summer project.

Bjorn Rune Lie:
Another chap from nobrow, the way that the colour in his work is kind of... granulated, it gives a very appealing and old fashioned feeling. What I was thinking of takign from Bjorn is his use of coloured lines and exaggerated features.

Now I came across this lady on pinterest whilst doing a general search for monster art, stylistically these little rotters are very appealing to me, they're bright and comical despite being revolting and macabre too. 

They really did make me want to order some polymer clay and start playing, maybe I could make a move to 3D with this project? Or at least plan that transition, I think perhaps I ought to have a practice at some point, or even spend time over the summer becoming accustomed with the material, if not squeezing it in before hand. 

John Kenn:
KILL IT, KILL IT WITH FIRE! This guy... hoooo... the epitome of heeby-jeebies. Disgustingly, fiendishly good at producing an atmosphere of the disturbing, foul and horrific.

The second one actually makes me shiver, but this guy gets away with it because of the awesome use of line as texture which I adore.

A few other things I'll be thinking about/might refer to:
Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are and those charmingly ugly beasties.
Monsters Inc. character designs

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