Friday, 3 January 2014

Painting Presents

Here's a couple of images I've made for family/friend recently. Little cards like this are generally the only artwork I create outside of coursework at the moment, they provide a nice, brief recreational break.

This was a little card to go along with an Xbox gift voucher code, which only came on a measly receipt, so I thought I'd fancy it up a bit with a festive Master Chief from the Halo series.

His armour became a bit wonky in the translation from pencil to watercolour and then penning, but I think it looks okay! The complexity of the cubic shapes was getting a bit confusing... I think my prominent use of watercolours is definitely helping me to improve with them.

And this one of Tyrion Lannister from the A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones series is a birthday card for my brother. I had bought him a Stark wolf tee and The Hedge Knight Graphic novel, so decided to keep with the theme.

Tyrion is one of my favourite characters and Peter Dinklage is proving to be an awesome actor in the series, I hope this image does his portrayal justice! I decided to have a play with font in this one, inspired a bit by the HBO title and just chucking some serifs on to make it look traditional-ish...

Oh an here is a diplodocus-like dinosaur I picked up from poundland and painted to look like spider-man for my buddy ol' pal Elliot, whom I was jammy enough to get for a course wide secret santa :D

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