Wednesday, 26 February 2014

CS: First session - Flash basics.

Basic Animation:

Introduced to basics like the brush and paint bucket tools. Working in different layers. How frames work.
Created a small section of animation, initially drawing frame by frame and then extending to a keyframe every second frame. Also played with a separate layer of animation moving at a slower frame pace. 
Experimented with morphing simple shapes, filling them and moving them around the stage etc.

Timeline- shows frames, which are the separate images which make up the animation. Typically 24 fps.
Layers work the same as PS/Illustrator

Onion skin- shows a transparent copy of the last frame
Loop tool- allows you to play a self-selected section of your animation, which loops (replays infinitely)

[ decreases brush size and ] increases brush size.
F7 – Insert new keyframe to the timeline. 
F5- extend keyframe.

Easier to draw line first, then go back and colour whole image. Can use the < > keys to easily move between frames and use the paint bucket to fill shapes.

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