Monday, 10 February 2014

IP/E: Photoshop and Illustrator stuff

So we've been having digital sessions every Wednesday with Ben alongside our workshops with Rob, where we've been looking at working in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Here's 3 images from donkeys ago which I forgot about. They utilised our painty books, some image sourcing from the Plymouth City Museum and some techniques we picked up in session.

The theme for the images were a series of words given to us:

Uxorious: Having or showing an excessive love for ones wife.

'Always we are a pair,
the 'he', the 'she.'
Appearing, like lions, to guard the temples;
So beware, evil spirits,
do not approach,
for we:
the 'he,' the 'she'
the 'life,' the 'death,'
the 'globe,' the 'cub.'
Are here
on guard

I spotted these pair of foo dogs, the nature of their legend seemed to fit the word quite nicely, especially after reading an accompanying poem.I thought it would be funny if the drastically smaller and less dominant of the two was the male.
This image was made in photoshop and demonstrates the use of scanned textures through layer and clipping masks.
I wasn't really happy with this image from the get go, my initial sketch was just meh. But with those trippy colours I think this is probably the best of the three.

Pensive: Engaged in deep thought.

I thought perhaps these two lions could be having some comical thoughts 'how long do we have to pose for this ruddy photo' etc. That or something a bit filthy. I hope I don't make that face when I'm being pugnacious.
Demonstrates the use of coloured lines in photoshop using a layer mask. I also had a play about with brushes and layers to try and create some digital texture. Could do with a bit of a tidy on that line work...

Pugnacious: Eager or quick to argue, quarrel or fight.

He may look like a dapper gent with that fancy plume, but this wild rooster is a loud, saggy-faced aggressive explosion of feathers waiting to happen.
Demonstrates the use of illustrator to produce a vector image.

Things what I gone done learned:
-Photoshop 'int so scary after all.
-Illustrator is well fancy, but a profanity-inducing headache of an experience.

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