Thursday, 20 February 2014

Print Processes: Research and workshop prep

The theme for our Print Processes module is Nature vs Man-made.

 Initially I thought about the artificial products created by man, this led me to think about pollution and the effects on nature. Then I thought about the direct effects on animals. Particularly the selective breeding of pets, livestock and food.

I came across this interesting image of a Pug photographed in the Victorian era.

And also the work of Stephanie Metz

This led me to thinking about producing a pattern made up of the natural state of animals and exaggerated examples of selective breeding.

As far as influences go, my initial pattern mainly came from the simplistic style of my initial sketches and trying to carry over a limited palette from the last project. However I did get an idea for layout and use of white space from a couple of images on pinterest.

When it came to the session in which we learnt to make patterns in photoshop, I realised my simpler, less developed sketches of fruit, veg and fungi were more suited to be used as a pattern. So I've moved away from the idea of selectively bred animals at the moment and am looking more at the contrast of wild variations of food and how they have been changed for consumer preference. 

Following this development I also have the work of Emma Dibben in mind 

And here are my patterns:
The solid fill ones are the ones I know I'll be using, the line ones were for just in-case.

 I quite look forward to bringing in some earthy textures through a process like etching with this design.

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