Monday, 10 March 2014

CS: Session 2: Frame-by-frame animation practise

Practising drawing frame-by-frame in flash using the brush tool, onion skin option and key shortcuts. Then using the paint bucket to colour.

21 frame animation: took about an hour to do after farting about and exporting etc.

Because flash's drawing capabilities are quite basic, I'll have to be careful when zooming in/out to be weary of my brush size changing as I do so. The lines in the first frame are considerably thicker than the following frames. 

Same tools and process, but thinking about animating the whole face.

A good tip for the future is to animate the separate elements of the face on different layers and work on them individually, as you would when colouring one colour at a time.

Then we took a basic walk cycle from google images and traced over it, adding in elements of our choice.

Just a rough go at it, will have to plan some cleaning/touching up for my final animation.

*I'll try to figure out how to make a looping GIF to show these off at some point...

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