Monday, 24 March 2014

CS: Session 3 - Rotoscoping practise.

Had a go at digital rotoscoping today, taking a sample video and drawing over it to make a new animation.

Used adobe media encoder to produce an FLV file from a sample FV4 video file. Also used to the encoder to cut the file down to a 5 second clip which we could import to flash to work with.

Then drew over the film, adding in elements. Like this little golpher's top hat and moustache. And replacing his little herb with a string of spaghetti, which he's about to throw up. The clip continues to a Koala yawning, which I was going to turn into an evil spirit escaping his body. It takes an age to do, but I look forward to shooting something myself and making a decent length animation.  

I love the movement that comes with no two frames being exactly the same, it really brings the animation to life.

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