Wednesday, 26 March 2014

CS: Session 4 - Storyboarding

This week we were drawing storyboards for our animations, thinking about camera movement and positions.

The idea for my animation, which I'm calling 'ice-cream' for now, came about when I had the suddenly realisation I hadn't thought about my animation at all. I was in my bedroom at the time, staring at a poster above my bed, which was made by an illustration student I used to follow on deviantARt back in my GCSE days (You can check Jenni Bryan's work out at and I picked up on the yellow guy in the top middle section of the poster. 

Exaggeration was a key part of the example animation we watched in the first session, and I thought that I could build on this action of sticking out the tongue. It was a fairly nice day at the time, so I thought about a guy licking an ice-cream (probably because my girlfriend got me a LEGO movie ice-cream truck recently, as I do like me lego and me ice-cream.)  

I made a few rough sketches in my notebook and wrote up a brief outline of the animation. 

Then when it came to session 4, I drew up these storyboards: 


I thought about an opening title sequence, but I'm considering leaving the first 3 thumbnails out of the animation until I've finished the rest, as realistically we only have enough time to create a 20-30 second short. I added some extra content as I went along, so I have a feeling if I were to include those 3 thumbnails, the animation would run over.

My plans at the moment are to film some of the elements and rotoscope over them, such as the person running excitedly to the ice-cream van and the driver's over exaggerated grin, just to have some kind of reference to work over/from. Though I wont actually have people in costume, or source the exact scenery.

I'm not sure at the moment how much I'll be going in to sound production, only really having considered voices at the moment. I think I'll go for a Mr. Bean-esque grumble/grunt or almost inaudible speech.

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