Friday, 25 April 2014

PP: Shy patterns

Forgot about talking about these two.

So for the laser cutting workshop, I came up with a pretty poop and scruffy design. So I spent some time coming up with something a bit  fancier, which would show off the capabilities of the laser cutter a bit more.
What is white is cut out. I made a boo boo on the one on the right and forgot to join some elements together. The one on the left came out nicely though. 

Getting rid of the wood grain, I created a colour version and turned it into a pattern. I used this to print off a sample in my Mimaki induction.

I also went back to my first pattern and gave it a little update. 

I had planned on using this to make a sublimation sample, but nobody in my group was bothered about doing their own, so we couldn't share the sample cost around for cheap, boo! 

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