Wednesday, 14 May 2014

CS: Module Evaluation

I had initially planned on producing 10-15 seconds of animation, but felt confident that I would be able to achieve producing something closer to the 30 seconds suggested in the brief.
I didn't meet these initial expectations because I designated less time to the project than I thought I would, having prioritised other project work over it.

Reflecting on the process that I've gone through, I feel like this plan would've been achievable if I had decided to use rotoscoping for the whole animation. The style that I chose to try and implement into my animation was particularly laborious to draw by free-hand. Also with free-hand animation I had to work out how the characters were moving, which made the process costly in terms of time too. I found that when I came to the rotoscoping section of my animation, it was a much faster process that wielded a higher quality of animation and I enjoyed using a lot more. Even if I had only drawn the rotoscoped segments of my initial plan I think I would be a lot more satisfied with the results of this project.

If I were to work on an animation project again I would plan a stage of production where I filmed all of my animation, edited it and then imported it to the program to begin drawing over. So that when it came to producing the animation I had a clear idea of what I would be doing and where I would be heading.

Something that I think worked well was the style of the animation; I think the surreal colours are visually interesting, although I don't think the influence is particularly clear.
I find the hand-drawn scene a bit underwhelming, especially how the characters relate to the pavement and camera angle.

What I enjoy about the process I've explored is to be able to bring character designs to life through movement. However, I've found using Adobe Flash quite frustrating; it's drawing limitations, certain behaviours, periodic freezing and how it's really slow at saving.

Will I explore this process in the future? Maybe. I doubt I'll explore a career as an animator, however I wouldn't mind using animation as part of concept work. It'd be cool if I ever found work as a concept artist, if I had the opportunity, to produce rough moving images that further illustrate more polished character or environment concepts. Though I'll bear in mind that I've learnt free-hand drawn animation really isn't for me.

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