Friday, 23 May 2014

WBL: Illustrator Top Trumps

Just a quick exercise to get us applying our research from the Illustrator Hunt.

Top trump style cards, each statistic is out of 10.

Don't take these judgement too seriously as they're based on basic research.

Holly Macdonald: A clean style, consistent through her work. Perhaps lacking a bit in originality, sometimes not communicating very well.

Humour: No funny business to be found here, a strictly professional, ornate sensibility, which is fine if you're not illustrating a chortle-tastic book of course.

Influence: Clean and ornate doesn't really fit the description of my own work, though she does have some decent colour combinations and compositions I could look at if ever designing a cover myself. Not a particularly well known artist as far as I know.

As far as I could see, a very niche practice in terms of discipline and media used.

Miriam Latimer: A style that communicates well and is obviously suited to children's book illustration. Style comes off as fairly original, though her editorial work is familiar - though I can't think of who it reminds me of.

Humour: I giggled on occasion at some of the background details. Suitable for kids books. ( I used to love the usbourne duck)

Influence: Slapped her in the middle, I think her work is neat and I'll look at it again. I'm partial to fit little narrative easter eggs into  my narrative work too, so there's that to explore. A relatively new illustrator, I couldn't say if she is a big influence to others.

Breadth: Though she only documents two disciplines on her websites, she seems more open to more than one niche of work at least. She explores various media, using mixed media in her illustrations and adopting different techniques for her editorial work.

Jim Field: He has an original style that is flexible to various briefs. A hint of Disney/Pixar and a hint of Axel Scheffler. Formerly an animator.

Humour: He draws trumping trumpeting elephants. Frogs have visible buttocks. Just go look at his 'Is this art?' work too (for more adult humour) Jim got a few hearty belly chuckles from me.

Influence: I really like Jim's work and I think I'll be looking at his painstaking method of neat pen strokes for fur mark making. Though I can't say he's a major influence on me at the moment. Or particularly well known.

Breadth: Animation used to be his thing, though he focuses on children's books now, he dabbles in editorials and has a crack at switching up his style and the materials he uses.

Well there you go, some potential Illustrator role models.

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