Friday, 16 January 2015

SIM: Part 2: Treasured Possession - Graphite artist research

I've decided to explore producing my comic with final line work in pencil. Here are a few artists I've looked at to see if their practice could inform my drawing.

Elliot Baggot

Crisp, ink-like foreground lines. Background elements made from looser and lighter marks. High contrast between black and white. Texture of shadow changes depending on surface cast upon.

Emily Watkins

Contrast between white space/block colour and heavily textured pencil elements. Accompanied by watercolour/ink.

Raymond Briggs

His book 'The Snowman' was drawn using pencil crayons. Contrast of light and heavy marks.

Lizzy Stewart

Cartoony but with realistic textures - kin of like my own drawing. Nicely accompanied by ink/watercolour. Multiple types of mark making. Contrast between marks, blank space and colour,

Isabelle Arsenault

Light and heavy marks, bold colour.

Catherine Anyango

Dark marks, combination of hard and soft lines. Use of eraser to produce white space an contrast. 

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