Monday, 26 January 2015

SIM: Treasured Possession - Reflection

I was a bit too ambitious I think.

Initially I had intended on producing 18 panels.
I got to Panel 9 and realised that wasn't going to happen in the time I had left.
So I cut the narrative short, utilising a memory within a memory.
I'd like to return to this project in the future and finish it off as intended, I probably have enough material to make it into a couple more double spreads really.

I worked from a lot of reference photos when drawing to try and nail down the poses and compositions. I think it helped the over all standard of drawing, but half made me deviate from some of my character design.

Though I think the pencil works on a white page, I'd have liked to have experimented with a watercolour/ink wash of some kind in combination with the pencils. Unfortunately I found that I didn't have time to finish the narrative as well as do this. I think exploring minimal colour and colour contrast with these pencils could be rewarding and it's something I'll explore in the future when returning to the project.

I made some daft errors moving from the planning stage to the refined drawings, which meant rearranging the panels on the template became a bit of a bother. That's something I really want to avoid doing again.

I think there could be some ambiguity with the final panel. I was running out of time and had other work to juggle and wanted to simply relate back to the present by showing a lemon sherbet on my desk. I also was having a bit of fun as the image that is half-finished in the panel would have been the 10th panel in my original planned set of images. A simple edit of prior panels of me sat at a desk, adding in a handful of lemon sherbets, could help strengthen the communication of this final panel.
I think I need a bit of variation in line weight in the panels too, as I was drawing I got carried away doing my own thing and forgot about the techniques of other artists that I wanted to try out. Some of the panels do take this research into account, but not all of them.

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