Monday, 23 March 2015

Self-Promotion (Digital): Research: Artists on the web: Part 2 Pietari Posti (Studio Posti)

Pietari Posti

Pietari's Website (
Orange: Simple, easy navigation links.
Purple: Scroll bar, horizontal scrolling portfolio, replicates a gallery space.
Blue: Website is simplistic, white. Acts like a gallery space for images, reflects clean cut style of images also.
Yellow: links to twitter and instagram. 
Context behind work isn't always given and is usually brief. I think He's missing out on demonstrating the passion for his work here. 

Clean and professional 'about' page. Consistent with the rest of the website. Plenty of experience listed, but not a lot of personality coming through.

Behance (
Seems that Posti may have progressed from Behance to his own website, as there is no reference on his portfolio site, but this Behance profile links to the site, twitter and isntagram. A little bit of context provided with each image.

Twiter (

Instagram (
Posti's twitter and instagram very much fulfill the same purpose, their feeds seem to be identical. Sporadic use, sharing interests and goings on. Both link back to main website. I feel like there could be a profitable personal connection with customers if this networking was more consistent.

Society 6 (

Posti uses Society 6 as a shopfront. Here he applies repeat patterns to mugs, pillows, tote bags and other items as well as selling art prints. There's no description of the images; I think there is a potential for adding value to these works by creating an association with the artist's thought processes. 

Facebook (
Not populated well with updates, but arguably the most informative of his social media sites. Unusual that he hasn't linked to it through other properties. This page links to his website and a defunct tumblr account. It appears Posti has yet to replace this old account with a new blog. (if he plans on doing so.)

I've not picked out many positives across the social media sights Mr. Posti uses, which is in no way a criticism of the way he works. It's up to the individual to decide how much time to invest in networking and the case may well be that the going is good so it's something he doesn't need to focus on.

However what I have taken away is that the main Studio Posti website is a real winner in terms of layout and navigation and may be one to refer back to.

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