Thursday, 14 May 2015

Self Promo - Digital: Websites!


Initial implementation of header - not enough contrast between white and grey.

Further play with colour for header using colours from Print support module

settling on background.


working out text position

palying with orientation

working out space between icons

comparing icon sizes

Implementing finished icons - realised text size variation looked sloppy

Final portfolio page.

To Evaluate:

I've chosen to use Cargo Collective as my main portfolio site as I didn't see any fault in the recommendation and the editing capabilities are quite easy to pick up. Facebook acts as a less formal blog, providing context behind projects and WIP updates. Tumblr will work as a 'snapshot' site - where I will take product photos/photos of works in progress on a phone/camera for quick and concise looks into what projects I'm working on within my workspace. 

Specific work:
These different contexts mean that I have selected different types of image to put on the websites.
My portfolio will include my most successful/favourite pieces of work that demonstrate a high quality and communicate the jist of my practice to potential employers.

My Facebook includes a mixture of completed pieces of work, often linking to the commissioner, as well as in-progress pieces, like longer term projects or series of images.

My tumblr will be a mix of rough photos of my workspace and more considered product placement photos. 

I think I've yet to really find a niche audience for my work; which I'm not too worried about as I'd like to attract a broad audience. I think that spreading your work over several platforms and in different contexts will help to keep this broad. 
I'm hoping the clean cut black of the backgrounds of the websites really helps my images to pop. My main 'tactic' to attract people is just to be myself really - humorous where appropriate, quite open with how I'm creating my work etc.

Really gave me an idea as to what I liked in other artists websites and made me make sure that I implemented these things properly - consistent style across the sites, linking between them etc.


I've tried to tie my sites with other works across my self-promo print support module. In terms of palette, work exhibited etc. I'm hoping this consistency will be beneficial/encouraging rather than boring for the client.   

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