Thursday, 28 May 2015

Self-Promotion: Print Support - Creative CV Research

Taking a gander at some creative C.V.s to see what kind of conventions I could include in my own.

Logo / custom/hand-made type / illustrations / infographics - star rating. / self-portrait.

Including illustrations and branding elements seems like a good idea - gives a preview of the kind of work you do. Infographics seem sensible too - less boring than 'I am proficient with blah blah blah...' but not overly complicated. - trials might come from creating an infographic that doesn't look out of place in comparison to the rest of the c.v.

I like how this c.v. brings in shapes from other mediums - there's a similarity to railway signs and something quite menu-like in it's appearance.

Maybe I could look at other print formats to inspire the layout of my C.V.?

It'd bring in a opportunity to relate the C.V. to illustrating for children also. Something like a puzzle, toy packaging or a trading card.

I prefer the layout of this C.V. over the last and the colour palette. There's a more natural feel to having all the contact details at the top of the page alongside the name and job description.

A lot of icons / graphics on this one. Some conventions taken from video games/cards too - level, hit points/mana points, statistics. Timeline is an interesting idea - but I've not gone through enough experience yet to warrant including one in this years C.V. Banners seem to be quite a common theme on C.V.s at the moment. 

Quite a unique and simple one - implementing the C.V. within a piece of artwork. 
If I were to do something like this, I'd have to make sure to get the hierarchy right. I imagine at print size it would work fine, put on-screen some of the text seems a bit small and illegible here. There's not a lot of creativity in the layout of the text however. 

More banners and icons and colours, oh my! I quite like that this one goes beyond the format of an A4 sheet of paper. Interesting colour palette. The layout and graphic style probably wouldn't look out of place up on the wall of a dental or doctor's surgery though...

This one's a board game! Pretty nifty - I think I'd include a 'standard' A4 C.V. for convenience as well though. Maybe something adventurous like this would be a better idea to tackle in 3rd year. 

I'm a big fan of purple. I think the quality of the print and the presentation is great - might blag the idea for a slip cover. The continuation of the constellation theme into the infographic at the bottom is nice, but I'm not keen on the bulk of the C.V.

I'm not sure if this one makes for a good C.V. - I suppose it's more about selling the artist through the image rather than their experience/info. The narrative aspect is great, as is the colour palette. Maybe I could look at implementing a C.V. into another format; like a comic or children's book? 

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