Saturday, 6 June 2015

FDIP209 Look at Us! Reflection

I wanted to get a decent range of experiences throughout the next couple of months; as it’s been a couple of years since I set up an exhibition space for my foundation diploma.
I’m also curious about setting up at stall at a couple of conventions across the country, either over the next year or after I’ve graduated.

I’ve not really had any experience of work either, so getting some experience of interacting with people was/will continue to be valuable.

I covered a time slot at our temporary shop space at Drake’s Circus. Here I shared responsibilities with another student; checking item prices against the stock sheet, making note of items sold, bagging items etc. There were some graduates in the shop alongside us who were involved with promoting the summer show and having discussions about the college with the customers. We could have easily done this too, but they were pretty on the ball and probably looked like they knew what they were talking about more, so there wasn’t much of a chance for us to get involved!

I spent some time in the illustration studio with my peers setting up our Shed Shop. We were cutting, scouring and folding some portfolio concertinas. We worked out a little production line, with one team scouring, another cutting and then another folding. The paper stock had been rolled up, so we had to use a bit of team work to keep the blighters from curling. They were pretty large and an awkward size too, so we had to be a bit intuitive, rather than just running them through a guillotine.
After this, I did some independent work under the advisement of my tutors. I prepped a table for the Devonport Native Makers Market. I covered the table top with some cardboard stock, which required a bit of intuition; as the table top was longer than any rulers I had to hand and the thickness of the stock and the tension it had from being rolled up for made it curl.  Initially it didn’t seem to be going well as the stock tore along the scour lines I had made. I patched it up with some sellotape and with advice from my tutors I managed to use some gum strip to hide all the gnarly bits.

I then manned the stall at the makers market. I really enjoyed this; there was opportunity to talk to the customers a lot more about the work on the stall and the summer shows coming up at the college. I got involved with others in a final stock take, checking nothing had been stolen. And also packing away the table.

Similar roles will continue in the next few weeks, where I will be manning the shed shop in the summer show exhibition space, helping to move the shop into the gallery and then finally manning the gallery shop at some point. Our year group seem to collaborate really well and get stuck in, so I’m really optimistic about setting up our summer show next year.