Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Project 1: Explorers! Research: Page Format

More development than research really - I had a quick look at a couple of picture book makers that I know had used landscape images as key parts of their narrative, to get an idea for what kind of size I wanted to work on for my landscape images.Bearing in mind I was considering using the images as individual prints or within a book format.

Grandad's Island - Benji Davies (2015)

Print area of a single page shown on A3

W:27.9  H:24.7 CM

I found these dimensions the most attractive for a single page, simply because it is the widest of the three examples. It is also the only example that I own/could get in hand and just looks like a good shape for a landscape print. Probably the best of the bunch if I were to look at single-page images.

 Print area of a spread shown on A2

Doubled up to a full page spread the image area just about squeezes onto an A2 sheet. If I were to decide to print on A3 instead, I think it might feel like the image size would suffer a bit. Simply because there's a lot of height space that isn't being utilised. I'm not sure if an image would seem uncomfortable or look good on a wall if it was so squeezed either.

Shh! We Have a Plan - Chris Haughton (2014)

Print area of a single page shown on A3

W:24.9 H: 25.9 CM
Print area of a spread shown on A2

Less width than the previous spread dimensions and with more height than the other two options makes for a good choice for a double page spread. Thinking about the images potential to be printed as a book; the just-about-portrait format of the single page is probably a plus when considering a cover too. 

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild - Peter Brown (2014)

Print area of a single page shown on A3

W: 25.4  H: 25.4 CM

Print area of a spread shown on A2

There's something appealing about a square book. I think I have a soft spot for symmetry. I've  worked with a square format for landscape images in first year; check out my responses to a workshop with Rob G Fresson. As well as earlier this year with a piece for Taripulan Illustrator's Contest, so I'm not against it! The spread looks just as good as the format prior. too. I just have a feeling that little bit of extra height will come in handy somewhere. I can always crop stuff later on if I change my mind too.    

I'll be using the dimensions taken from Chrish Haughton's 'Shh! We Have a Plan.' As they seem most appropriate in both single a double page formats, bearing in mind the potential use of the image as an A size print and booklet/zine/book concept. This wasn't intended to be some intense study of the sizes, just trying to inform my work by looking at book sizes that are actually in print at the moment and using those to decide on a template, rather than comign up with some random dimensions or trying to fill an A3 sheet.  

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