Saturday, 7 November 2015

Project 1: Explorers! Research: Environments

A quick thought session helped me to think up and decide between several environment types:
Local environments: Fields, Woodland, Beaches, Towns, Cities
Typical environment types found in videogames etc.: Desert, Jungle, Forest, Tundra, Arctic, Volcano.
Environments with exploration: Caves, Graveyards, Scrapyards, Woodland, Desert Islands, Mazes, Abandoned Buildings.

With pre-existing prep work I’ve decided to stick with one of the images being a Desert Vehicle Graveyard like the one in Oranjemund.  Through thinking about personal ‘adventures’ over the summer I’ve decided to create images based on a Woodland River. And for a bit of contrast an Icy Tundra.    

Below are some visual references from across the web to help me with initial concept sketches.
(I've got quite a large range of elements - I don't intend on including everything seen here, but I figured it'd be best to pick and choose later rather than find myself lacking.)

Woodland River – Cadover Bridge/ Cadworthy Wood, Dartmoor. (River Plym)


I’ve also used some friend’s photos as reference, from days out to the River Exe and the River Plym at Dartmoor, but haven’t shared them here for the sake of privacy.

Dartmoor Woodland/River Animals:


White throated dipper:

High Brown Fritillary Butterfly:

Blue Ground Beetle:

Grey Squirrel:


River Exe animals:

Cattle – South Devon:

Mute Swan:

Mallard Duck:

King Fisher:



This one is from a tundra-inspired area in the game World of Warcraft (The original image can be found here:

Tundra Animals:




Snowy Owl:

Arctic Hare:

Arctic Fox:

Polar Bear:

And rough work I had already produced for a Desert Vehicle Graveyard as part of Stage 1:





Character Designs:

Now to get drawing!

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