Thursday, 12 November 2015

Project 2: Penguin Design Awards – Emil and the Detectives: Research: About the Book

Target audience
The story is dominated by male characters and most likely was written for boys. Aged 9-11 (according to

Story elements:

·         Marks pinned to Emil’s jacket
·         The mysterious Max Grundeis
·         Max Grundeis offers Emil chocolate.
·         Emil sleeps and Grundeis takes his money.
·         Emil chalks a red nose and black moustache on a statue of Grand Duke Charles.
·         Emil and Gustav assemble 24 others to help solve the crime; ‘The Detectives’
·         The detectives spy on Herr Grundeis in his hotel.
·         The detectives follow Grundeis to a bank.

I’ve taken these story elements from various synopsis around the web. I’ll grab a copy of the book to get an idea for how important each element is and descriptions of the location and characters. Points which are in italics are what I perceive to be important/recurring elements from what I’ve read about the book so far. 

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