Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Project 3: Oliver's Monsters: Research: Monsters in Illustration

This has been sat as a draft post for ages! Sheer bulk was due to me starting it when I spent a couple of days in bed not able to do much else...

Visual research on the representation of monsters by various artists and in various contexts.

Ben Newman: 

Monster Squad Nobrow #5 (2011)

Bento Bestiary (2010) Nobrow Press.

Sarah Ogilvie:

My Mother Is a Troll (2006) Zed Said LLP

Do Not Enter the Monster Zoo (2013) Red Fox Picture Books

Barbara Dziadosz:

Monster. Unnamed project.

Personal work.    Dinosaurs are sort of monsters, right?

Personal work.   
I looked at the similarities of the monster and this person's arms and I had one of those weird moments where you start to think really philosophically. And I thought to myself: 
"What is a monster? It's all a matter of perspective really. Children can be monsters when they misbehave, adults can be monsters when they get angry, a puppy can be a monster to someone if they don't like dogs." Maybe there's a message to be put across in this book idea, although it wasn't my initial intention.  

Don Clark (of design studio duo Invisible Creature):

Personal Work (for his daughter on her first day of kindergarten)

And one for his son!

Leroy. C, Vinyl Toy - Super7

Limited Giclee print - Super7
Interesting to see the same character in different platforms. 

Event Poster - Target.

Apparel design - Grain Edit

Alexandr Pushai: 

Less 'cutesy' than the others. Very human character. I like both the sketch and the final image.

Gregg Abbott:

Interesting restrictive palettes and a couple of different styles/ways of rendering.

Nate Wragg:

Nice mix of briefs and styles - ranging from the scary to cute. Narrative, product and print.

Matteo Dineen:

Johan Potma:

Elise Gravel:

Creature Kebab (Jenni Springett):

John Kenn:

Anna Llenas:

Kirstie Edmunds:

Andy Kehoe:

Themes of ambiguity and twisted nature really make these creatures stand out from the others - a bit like Maurice Sendak's work in places. 

Maurice Sendak: 

Vivienne To:

Ilias Sounas:

Andreas Krapf:

Alberto Cerriteno:

Juan Carlos/bakea:

Anna J:

Toby Allen:

Jack Viant:

Some publishers/publications to look at:

Monster Paper Toys (201) Workman Publishing:


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