Friday, 12 February 2016

BAIL302: Creative and Professional Development: Generative Stage: Group Self-Promotional Strategies and Fund Raising: Christmas Quiz/Raffle

5 December 2015 - Illustration Festive Night: Christmas Quiz and Raffle

Alongside Tilly Gibbs I hosted a Christmas Pub Quiz and Raffle at The Roundabout Pub. 

What we did:

Tilly was responsible for collecting piece of work off of peers to enter into the raffle, secured the venue and provided some raffle tickets. Alongside Sam Skerratt shew also set up the space. 

I helped Tilly to produce the actual quiz by suggesting a structure of categories, whilst she sourced the questions and answers. 
We worked together to sell raffle tickets to friends and peers and both ran the tombola together on the night, which I sourced from Mel Brown.  

I hosted the quiz, with assistance from Tilly counting up the scores. 


We had initially intended on hosting an auction alongside the quiz, but didn't get much of a response from our peers. I think this was partly due to circumstance, as we were in the middle of BAIL301, so there wasn't much work at a stage where it could be sold, nor was there much in the way of free time for people to prepare items to sell.  So we elected to go for a raffle instead. Despite this we had a good turn out at the event and raised a fair amount of money for the group pot.

I think we will consider organising an auction together at a later date when people have a decent body of work to choose from. We might also have to consider the interests of the wider group too as there weren't that many people from the course at the event or interested in taking part - so maybe we need to discover if that was just circumstance or because of the venue/atmosphere. 

Our year group is quite a shy one and we had initially contacted graduate Jack Viant to see if he would be interested in hosting the event if nobody within our group stepped forward. He graciously declined believing it would be a good opportunity for someone in our group and stating that he didn't feel that he was in the position to represent us. 
So I stepped forward, which was an interesting experience, I have been in a situation where I've had to speak in front of a large group of people before, but I was initially a bit apprehensive. I think I'd happily do it again if we were to hold an auction event. 

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