Friday, 26 February 2016

BAIL303: Project 3 - Progressive: Illustrating the Point: Editorial 1: Anorak Magazine: Research

The Editorial - 'Spot the Squirrels'

As part of my progressive project for BAIL303, I'm looking at completing some illustrations for editorials for both children and adults. 

The first of these is a double-page spread for issue 37 of Anorak Magazine. A fully illustrated spread - it involves an image where 10 characters are 'hidden' within a landscape.

Here's a crop of the original spread by Inma Lorente (

Lorente describes it as 'a magical forest.' Using coloured pencils and watercolour, Lorente has a really calming, mysterious palette of blues and pinks. (and some brown for the squirrels) 

From looking at the image, reading Lorente's descriptions on her tumblr page and the context of the issue, I presume the brief read something along the lines as follows:

10 happy woodland creatures in a magical forest setting. Image area: 420 x 260mm with 5mm bleed CMYK 300dpi. 

In Lorente's image she has reused the same illustration at various scales/positions. I'd quite like to make a couple of different illustrations, just so there's a bit of variety. I may stick with the colour palette though, as it is very pleasant.  I might move away from the squirrels, too, as I don't want to just do a re-hash of what exists. 

Research - British Woodland Mammals

According to the Woodland trust here are Brtains native woodland species:

  • Bats: (Barbastelle, Bechstein's, Brown long-eared, Lesser Horseshoe, Natterer's, Noctule.)

  • Weasel-type things: Badger, Pine Marten, Pole Cat, Otter, Stoat, Weasel.
  • Mice: Dormouse, Woodmouse, Yellow Necked Mouse.

  • Deer: Red Deer, Roe Deer.

  • Rodents: Beaver, Brown Hare, Bank Vole, Hedgehog, Red Squirrel

  • Fox

  • Wild Boar

There's a focus within this issue of Anorak of looking after the woodland, so it might be nice to include a species that is rare or in decline. (see those in bold) Maybe that's why the red squirrel was chosen originally? 

Dormouse are probably a bit too tiny if I want to produce a landscape image. Pole cats could easily be confused with ferrets. Pine martens are cool, if a bit ferocious - though they are very cute and illusive to most of Britain. I quite like the idea of a beaver or wild boar as they have been re-introduced after native populations became extinct. 

I think I'll start with some sketches for the animals Pine Marten, Beaver, Red Squirrel and Wild Boar and see where that takes me. 

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